Case Study

Launching real estate developer Adera’s Wesbrook Village projects.


To build profile for the Adera brand and to increase awareness of the Vancouver real estate developer’s Wesbrook Village projects at UBC, Sail and Prodigy before key audiences, including potential homebuyers, local realtors and community members.


• Leveraging Dunn PR’s network of media contacts in Metro Vancouver, we developed
  tailored media pitches with a goal of securing positive media coverage for Sail and
  Prodigy in both English and Chinese media outlets.
• Dunn Public Relations crafted English and Chinese communications campaigns
  emphasizing Prodigy’s unique selling point as a development offering larger-sized
  suites for families in UBC’s Wesbrook Village.
• Dunn PR’s campaign also focused on the innovative steps Adera took to make
  Prodigy more affordable in Vancouver’s pricey property market, like the “Mingles”
  suite that allows homeowners to mortgage-share on units that feature a communal
  living space with separate bedrooms and bathrooms.


• Dunn PR delivered widespread media coverage for Sail and Prodigy with coverage in
  both English and Chinese media outlets in Metro Vancouver.
• Our team secured a mention of Prodigy’s mortgage-sharing option in Vancouver Sun
  columnist Barbara Yaffe’s popular business and politics column as well as Adera’s
  award wins at the annual Georgie Awards. The Vancouver Sun reaches an estimated
  900,400 readers in print and an estimated 1.5 million readers online each week.
• Dunn PR coordinated a VIP tour of Prodigy with host Carmen Ruiz y Laza of
  CarmenTV on television broadcaster Joy TV. JoyTV reaches 2.3 million viewers in
  Greater Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Prince George, Kamloops and Whistler.
• Through Dunn PR’s connections to Chinese media, our team secured extensive
  media coverage for Sail and Prodigy in Chinese media outlets including Ming Pao
  Daily, Sing Tao Weekly Magazine, the Epoch Times, Wow TV, Dawa Business Press,
  Home & Realty Weekly and Real Estate Weekly.